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Furnishing My Dream 24K Home with Porcelanosa! #24KLiving

Posted by Nikita Johri at 6:36 PM
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A house filled with love, care and affection makes a home. Having a home of our own is a dream seen by everyone. I am no exception to this. I dream of having a small place of my own furnished carefully with things that make me happy and comfortable. When Porcelanosa gave me an opportunity of writing about my dream home being furnished with its world class furnishings, I was ecstatic.

Born in a beautiful little Mediterranean village, Porcelanosa is a known name today in bath and kitchen products and a major group of companies offering a variety of services from kitchen and bathroom equipment as well as state-of-the-art building solutions for contemporary architecture. Venturing in Asia for the first time with Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. for their luxury brand #24KLiving, Porcelanosa is here to stay.

If I get a chance to decorate my home with the elegant and classy products from PORCELANOSA then I would go for the complete makeover. Checkout my picks below and the reason why I chose them. :)

1) Walls furnished with XLIGHT
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A new porcelain tile by Urbatek, XLIGHT is characterised by its extra-large format and minimum thickness. I loved the uniqueness it gives to the plain old ceramic. A natural evolution to ceramic, it is light, absorbs less than a traditional tile, has minimum thickness and a large format. It is also pocket friendly because it can be over tiled over the old ceramic without having to take the old ceramic first.

Absolutely captivating, it is versatile and can be used to make fully integrated rooms. “Invisible” doors and cupboards, tiled bathrooms and kitchens furnished with one sole hygienic material that is unchanging and highly resistant.

Given a chance I would plan my room walls with XLIGHT! :)

2) Floors beautified by Laminate Flooring

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I have drooled over laminate floors for quite sometime now but when I read about the laminate flooring options provided by Porcelanosa, I was overjoyed at having waited until now. :)

Laminate flooring by L’Antic Colonial stands out for its particularly high resistance to abrasion and impacts. This surface is also resistant to pressure, scratches, cigarette burns and UV light. It has a high quality coating with a special application of Aquatec on its edges, making laminate flooring by PORCELANOSA Group extremely solid. It is resistant to dirt and dust and it can be easily vacuumed or cleaned to produce a delightful, hygienic room, guaranteeing attractive living spaces that are particularly appreciated by people with allergies.

Friday Feature and Follow #32 ~ Qualities in my perfect co-blogger!

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If this is your first time here, welcome! You are about to make some new friends and gain new followers. But you have to know, the point of this hop is to follow other bloggers also. I follow you, you follow me.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

#ImmuneIndia ~A healthy child makes a happy home

Posted by Nikita Johri at 3:43 PM
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Children are the light of every parents' eyes and from their innocence and unhindered zest for life comes out our own happiness. I remember the days when I or my brother fell ill and the whole house looked as if it was in mourning. My mother didnt have the usual smile and excitement about her. She didnt go and make elaborate meals in the kitchen and she didnt laugh as freely as she did on usual days. My father would look worried and come check out foreheads and re-read the medicine prescription again and again as if checking for any clues to make us better sooner than promised by the doctor!

When I was a kid I was very susceptible to infections and cold. My nose ran continuously in all kinds of weather and I was regularly teased by children from my school because of it. I was Miss Runny Nose in my society. It was embarrassing. One day while I was crying my eyes out telling my mother of a yet another teasing episode, my aunt who had come to visit us asked my mother if she gave us Chyawanprash everyday. My mother declined leaving my aunt smiling as if she had deduced the solution to all our problems.

She smiled indulgently and told my mother not to worry. Right from the next day, I and my brother were given a spoonful of Dabur Chyawanprash alongwith a glass of warm milk. My aunt told my mother of its great features and its usefulness in ensuring good health. Dabur Chyawanprash was known to my mother because her mother had given it to her everyday when she was a child but she had forgotten about it.

#ToiletForBabli - In search of hope, hygiene and health

Posted by Nikita Johri at 2:17 PM
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Toilets are a basic right to every human being. While I have always taken it for granted, I was shocked to see it on TV that most homes in India don't a toilet!

I had ignorantly taken this fact for granted for everyone. After all, all the people I knew had toilets in their homes, sometimes even more than one!

But there are people like Babli who are still forced to defecate in the open. They are still denied this basic right. What is the reason behind this? Is it lack of awareness? or is it lack of funds?

I remember once watching my maid disappear in the garbage dumped on a vacant plot from my roof. I asked my mother about it and she told me that she was playing hide and seek. I was too young to understand it but when I look back on that day, I am amazed that the same state of affairs avail today.

Women in our country and expected to wear sensible clothes lest they provoke the men to rape them or hurt them. They are blamed for the vices of men and termed loose. Men take pride in claiming that the women in their family carry themselves with dignity and are well provided for but it is perfectly alright to set aside their dignity and perform their toilet in the open? Where is the "well-provided" aspect in their lives when they don't even have the basic right of privacy, hygience and hope?

While men can stand and urinate anywhere and no one gives them a second glance, it is too embarrassing for us, women to just sit anywhere and hope to not attract attention. I still remember those twelve hour bus rides to college with no proper stops where I had no means to hoping for a toilet anywhere all through the route. I would stop taking liquids hours before the journey so that I didn't have the urge to urinate while en-route to college! The boys and men in the bus were happy to stop the bus and go urinate standing on the side on the road but what about us? Those journeys were painful, embarrassing and I hope to never have to repeat those experiences ever again!

There is a drastic need of toilets on the highways and the remote areas of the country. People should have the satisfaction of knowing that if they travel they will always find a decent toilet along the route. But before hoping for this to happen, we have to create an awareness among people to have toilets in their homes too.

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