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Review Tour, ARC Book Review, Author Interview and Giveaway--> Masquerade by Georgia Le Carre

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 Review Tour: Masquerade by Georgia Le Carre
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(18+ due to mature themes and sexual content)

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Love is deceptive...

Fiery Billie Black thought she knew all she needed to know about her own sexuality, but that was before one night of animalistic passion with the ultra gorgeous and mysterious Jaron Rose. Tall, blond, charming and wealthy, he was the epitome of an Alpha male. 

In the morning he promised he would call.  He didn't.

Six months later, just as Billie had finally managed to free herself from the memories of that night, he arrives on the scene again. Suddenly, all the feelings that burned so intensely are reignited and she finds herself becoming quickly entangled with her enigmatic lover. The passion is incredible, unforgettable, unbelievable, but Jaron Rose is not all that he seems—he wears more than one disguise…and he is hiding a big secret.

Billie is about to find out what that is…

Book Review

Masquerade is the first book by Georgia Le Carre that I have read and wow what a book it is!
The cover is intriguing and the blurb grabs your attention. 

I haven't read many Adult romances and when I heard about this book I was a bit apprehensive wondering if I would like it but instead I was so hooked in the story that I just could not keep it down. :)

Although it says that it is the standalone sequel to the Billionaire Banker series, I came to know about this fact only after I had read Masquerade and let me tell you I didn't feel anything amiss. This novel is a standalone and no way did I feel the need to have read the Billionaire Banker series first before reading this one .

This is one story that does not let the heated intimate scenes waylay the main story. Instead the story takes you on a journey of self discovery, hidden secrets, intense emotions and finally a totally unexpected twist that floors you. I just didn't see this twist coming. 

Jaron is mysterious with great sex appeal that he knows how to use to his advantage. The bad boy streak in him and the reckless facade that he portrays makes every woman's heart pitter- patter. His chemistry with Billie is scorching, intense and animalistic. The mystery around him when it gets solved leaves the reader astonished and appreciative of the creativity of the writer. I haven't read any stories with this twist.

Billie thinks herself as a lesbian and so when she is attracted towards Jaron, she is very confused about her sexuality. A one night stand leaves her pining for a man who never calls and then after many months waltzes into her life as if he owns it. Infuriated with Jaron but at the same time slave to her frustrated libido, the game they play is both erotic and a defining part of the story.

Billie's best friend and the main heroine of the Billionaire Banker series, Lana also makes an appearance in this novel along with her husband, Blake and it was interesting and heart warming to see her support to Billie and their love as friends.

The other characters also make their presence felt and sketch a lively picture in our minds.

The best thing about the book was the fluid shift from intimate scenes to the main story. The scenes change almost flawlessly and take you from feeling the intensity of love to the thrill of mystery and danger in a heartbeat and you don't even feel the shift.

The story is well crafted and executed. This is an erotic romance but with a solid story line and some well thrown suspense and adventure.

All in all, I absolutely enjoyed reading Masquerade and liked Georgia's writing style. 4.5 out of 5 to it and recommended to adults who love intense love stories with heated love scenes. I look forward to reading the Billionaire Banker series now and would definitely checkout any new books from Georgia in the future.

I received an ARC from the author and I am very thankful to her. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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Cover Reveal--> A Lil' Less Hopeless By Tara Oakes

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A Lil' Less Hopeless By Tara Oakes


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ARC Book Review--> Siren's Treasure by Debbie Herbert

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Title and Author: Siren's Treasure by Debbie Herbert
No. of Pages: 304 Pages
Publication Date: Mills & Boon Nocturne (November 1, 2014)
Language: English
Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Mermaids, Nocturne, Suspense

Book Review:
Jet Bosarge has always felt different. Never able to mix with either the mermaids or the humans, she has felt lonely and lost. Years ago, sick with the loneliness, she had made the mistake of loving a human named Perry and had shared all her secrets with him but had been devastated when he had betrayed her. Now he is back and as usual up to no good. Add to this mix, the new in town IRS agent with piercing glacial eyes, Landry Fields, Jet's life is about to be turned upside down.

Can Jet face Perry again?
Why is she so different from the other mermaids including her sister Lily who is a siren with an enchanting voice?
Why does Landry Fields make Jet dizzy with attraction like no other man has ever before?

Siren's Treasure by Debbie Herbert which releases on 1st November 2014 is the story of Jet Bosarge. We had first met her in Shelly's story in Siren's Secret and I loved her spunk and dont care attitude. Jet is strong, independent and gutsy. She likes collecting lost treasures from long ago and this dangerous hobby made her acquainted with Perry.

The cover is intriguing and suited to the Nocturne theme of the book. The blurb attracts you to go dive deep into the mysterious world of the mermaids. I had already dived once and loved the story of Shelly who is a cousin of Jet in the book, Siren's Secret and so when I came to know that Debbie had written Jet's story, I jumped at the chance to read and review it. :)

If you read and am sure loved Siren's Secret then you will love Siren's Treasure even more. The story is more crisp, more centered and characters more complex. There are several layers to the story and Debbie brings out the emotional struggle of Jet expertly. Jet Bosarge is a mermaid but still feels that she is truly not a part of merfolk. So different from the fragile beauty with blonde wavy hair of the other mermaids, she is dark haired, exceptionally strong and devoid of any fragile charm. Unlike her sister Lily, she isnt blessed with a siren's voice and never flocked by merman. Ignored by men of her world and burned in the past by a human, she is vulnerable and lonely but sports a brave, strong, spunky and dont-give-a-damn attitude outside.

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ARC Book Review--> The Cure was Love by Reet Singh

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Book Review: The Cure was Love by Reet Singh
Title and Author: The Cure was Love by Reet Singh
No. of Pages: 192 Pages
Publication Date: Mills & Boon Indian Author Collection (November 1, 2014)
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Indian Author

Will the young doctors realize what ails them?
For three months, Simi Gill gets to do what she loves – train at an overseas student program and learn more about medicine. As a bonus, she gets to forget about the shallow boyfriend who dumped her, and worse, who hurt her. Living it up in New York, far from her home in India, she is saved by the delicious Rudy Bhatnagar, not once, but two times in one night!
A talented surgeon with a heart of gold, Rudy can't stop himself from thinking about Simi Gill. He tries very hard – having had his heart broken before, he's not sure he can risk it again. But Fate has other plans.
Thrown together by bizarre circumstances, they survive bullets and babysitting with aplomb. Will they realize they're perfect for each other or will they let precious love slip through their fingers?

Book Review:
The Cure was Love is Reet Singh's upcoming romance which will release on 1st November. I had read and loved Reet's first romance Scorched by his Fire previously and so when Reet told me about her next book I was ecstatic.

A deliciously beautiful cover, the title and blurb also captured my interest in the book and made me pick this book up even when I was on a vacation and had promised my husband my cent percent time. :)

As soon as I started on the book I knew it was going to be awesome. The starting scene itself is so admirably laid out that you are left speculating, laughing and thoroughly enjoying the chemistry between Simi and Rudy. Reet made me remember the award winning McGregor series by Nora Roberts. The Cure was Love has that same lovely effect on you. The urgency that it creates in the readers to see their beloved protagonists get their happily-ever-after and the goofy smile it leaves behind is such a welcome experience.
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