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ARC Book Review--> Interview with a Tycoon by Cara Colter

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Title and Author: Interview with a Tycoon by Cara Colter
Print Length: 256 Pages
Publication Date: Harlequin (September 2, 2014)
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Review:
Stacy Walker is battling the disgraceful loss of her job, public humiliation and a fear of losing her sanity as well as her means of living if she doesn't do something soon to get back on her feet. A journalist by profession,the perfect opportunity presents itself when her friend tells her of the dashing tycoon Kiernan McAllister who, once the most social man has been a recluse this past year ever since the death of his friend, is currently staying at his cabin. Now his company is rumored to be going under and if Stacy can get a scoop from him then her life will be set. 

But once Stacy meets Kiernan and his little nephew, amidst misunderstandings her priorities are soon changed from getting a scoop to helping Kiernan mend his broken heart!

Sweet, romantic and a fun read, Interview with a Tycoon held me glued to the book till the very end.

The cover is beautiful and blurb interesting, thus, attracting me to pick this book up to read.

The story looks cliched with a dominant hero, a struggling but headstrong heroine, a cozy house settings and circumstances that bring these two together but still the story became quite new when I started reading it.

Cara has introduced her own flair in the story and made it a new experience for the reader. I loved the interactions between Kiernan and Stacy. I laughed, giggled, sighed and even got misty eyed while reading about these two.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Team INSPIRATI presents--> Another chance in Love (Part 6) #CelebrateBlogging

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Read the previous part of the story here

Had he lost his chance with Jennifer?
What if she loved Vijay now?
Could he bear this possibility and live with it?

So much was going on in Cyrus' mind while his heart beat at double rate. Jennifer was late which was new. She was always before time to their meetings and he could still remember her sweet smile which used to lit up the whole place. It was as if she carried happiness in her pocket and sprinkled it everywhere she went. With her by his side, he was strong enough, confident enough to conquer the whole world. The current work assignment that he had snagged was testimony to that. He had almost lost hope of ever working for that prestigious client. Had it not been for Jennifer's encouragement and her constant support even from as far away as Kochi, he would never have made it so far.

Although they had professed their love for one another and Cyrus had always got the impression that Jennifer loved him, he had been shy about committing wholeheartedly to her. He had felt love to be a fleeting emotion and as per his motto tried to embrace it one day at a time. On the other hand, Jennifer, he knew, had been sure from the first instant that she had her heart stirring for Cyrus that she would always love him and been hopeful that he would love her too with all his heart.

But had he?

He hadn't even gone after her when she had ran off crying after baring her heart to him in their last fight.

He was ashamed of all the needless harsh words he had said to her in the recent months and blamed himself for the falling out that they had.

"Why are you here?"

Cyrus heard the achingly familiar voice that seemed to be coming from far away. Maybe it was far away just out of his reach. If only he could persuade Jennifer to accept his love and possibly him again, he would do anything, be anything for her.

As he looked up, he saw Jennifer standing in a loose white top with polka dots and snugly fitted black pants. 

Jennifer was  taken aback at seeing Cyrus like this. His hair was wind blown and he had a wild look about him as if he was in shock. The ever smartly dressed Cyrus looked disheveled and completely out of form here. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Book Review--> Scars of Love by R.S Khambete

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Title and Author: Scars of Love by R.S Khambete
Print Length: 141 Pages
Publication Date: December 2013
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Indian Writing, Desi Romance

A freak accident turns Seema’s perfect life upside down. Horribly burnt and in pain, her hospital bills are mounting, her job is at stake and her handsome fiancĂ© seems more and more distant. If it wasn’t for the annoyingly determined doctor, Seema would have given up long ago. After all, what was there left to live for? 

What will it take for Seema to accept her own scarred body, and fight to reclaim all that she has lost?

Book Review:
I am a happy victim of fairy tales and happily-ever-afters. I heard about Scars of Love some months back and had been meaning to read it for sometime but always kept keeping it on hold. Finally I bought it yesterday and read it. 

The cover of the book is beautiful but a bit confusing. From the first moment I saw the cover I thought the hero wore a Pathani suit and that the background was a train! I had completely skipped the stethoscope!LOL

Only when I read the blurb did I see the cover carefully and saw the stethoscope to conclude that it was doctor that I saw! The painting is not clear. At one glance you dont get the idea of the background.

The blurb however made me very interested in the book. It is captivating and catches the interest of the reader.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Cover Reveal--> To Make a Witch by Heather Hamilton- Senter

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Title and Author: To Make a Witch by Heather Hamilton-Senter
Series: Sword of Elements #1.5
Publication date: October 1st 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

At her old school, Lacey found herself on the wrong side of a conflict between Celtic gods. Making a new start in an exclusive boarding school in New Orleans, she hopes to forget that she was once on the verge of becoming a powerful witch—and everything she has lost since then.
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